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Center for Hearing Loss Help

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and other ear conditions such as tinnitus, Meniere’s disease and hyperacusis. Information on causes of hearing loss. Assistive devices for hearing impaired people.

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Welcome to the Center for Hearing Loss Help

Get the Hearing Loss Help You Need Here!

If you suffer from hearing loss or deafness and don’t know where to find the help and information you need to successfully live as a hearing-impaired person, then welcome to the Center for Hearing Loss Help. It is one of the Internet’s best sources of information on hearing impairment issues and sudden hearing loss.

At the Center for Hearing Loss Help, you will find a wealth of information on the causes of hearing loss and deafness. You will also discover ways to alleviate common ear problems such as Meniere’s disease, tinnitus (ringing in ears), inner ear imbalance, dizziness and hyperacusis. In addition, you will find help in choosing hearing aids and other assistive devices for hearing impaired people.

Check out our amplified phones, loop amplifiers and Music Links. Discover our numerous books on the causes of hearing loss and ways to successfully cope with it. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, support, and counsel you need in order to live an exciting and fulfilling life in spite of your hearing loss.


Many people get the help they need by simply reading our many free, in-depth articles that explain hearing loss and typical ear conditions such as tinnitus (ringing in ears), presbycusis, dizziness, loss of balance, Meniere’s disease and hyperacusis. Even more importantly, they learn how to deal with these issues and other ear problems that face hard of hearing people.

We write our articles in a simple but informative style—giving you the practical advice and information you need to successfully deal with your hearing loss or other ear problems. You’ll learn how to cope with sudden hearing loss, how proactive hearing protection procedures can limit your hearing impairment, and how to find the assistive listening devices that will best fit your needs.

In addition to our outstanding in-depth articles, in the Info & FAQ section, we have numerous shorter articles on specific topics concerning hearing loss, the hearing impaired condition and how hard of hearing people can successfully cope with hearing loss. These shorter articles will also give you practical information about hearing aids and assistive technology—the sort of information that is invaluable to people with hearing loss.


Our books are written in the same easy-to-read style as our informational articles, yet they are packed with practical information to help you understand, and successfully cope with, various hearing loss issues. In addition, they will give you a more comprehensive view of the many causes of hearing loss (both gradual and sudden hearing loss), the options available to you and other hearing impaired people when dealing with hearing loss, and detailed explanations of hearing impairment and deafness.

We also carry an excellent CD program on speechreading techniques to help you better understand what people are saying when your ears no longer catch all the words.

Quality Assistive Devices

In addition to our articles and texts on sudden hearing loss and chronic ear problems, we carry carefully-selected, quality assistive listening devices (ALDs) to help you hear better. For example, our Music Links, T-Links and Univox loop amplifiers allow you to hear beautiful, clear sound again when you use them with the telecoils on your hearing aids to listen to various audio devices and cell phones. Hear on the phone again with our amplified Clarity XL-50 telephone, Try any of our other awesome assistive technology products and prove to yourself how well they help you cope with your hearing loss.

We only sell those assistive listening devices that we use and love. You can rest assured that people with hearing loss have tried and tested every assistive device we carry and have been given our highest vote of confidence. These assistive devices will help you overcome your hearing impairment.

Personal Help

Need further information, or personal help and counsel from one of our experienced hard of hearing specialists? If so, contact the Center for Hearing Loss Help at the address below, and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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Free Visor Cards

Download your free Visor Cards for hard of hearing or deaf people here.

Loop Systems

Loop your home or meeting room. Discover how you can hear wonderfully clear sound again when listening to the TV/radio, etc, or when listening to a speaker at a meeting.

Loop systems are one of the best-kept secrets in town. To learn how you can put Loop Systems to work for you, click here.

Hearing Phantom Sounds?

When hard of hearing people begin hearing phantom voices or music, they immediately worry they are going crazy. It never crosses their minds that they are sane and are just experiencing Musical Ear syndrome.

To learn more about the strange phantom sounds of Musical Ear syndrome and what you can do about them, click here.

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