by Neil Bauman, Ph.D.

A man wrote:

I’m interested in any recommendation you might have about hearing aid dryers. The local hearing aid office dries mine occasionally, but I must be running a wet ear season. Both of my digital Oticon aids cut out on a recent trip to Seattle, and then came back fine after drying. Now, the right aid drained the battery in one week rather than the usual two weeks. Then, today it drained a new battery in just three days.

In my opinion, the best device in the industry to look after your hearing aids is Dry & Store’s “Global” model. It dries your hearing aids via several means all at once. First it has a fan that blows the warm air around, evaporating all the moisture off your hearing aid. Second, the heating element warms the air to evaporate any condensed moisture. Third, it has “Dri Briks” that collect the moisture so it doesn’t just get re-circulated back to your hearing aids. The Dri Briks also reduce the moisture in the air so, at the molecular level, more moisture is “sucked” off the internal parts in your hearing aid. This triple whammy really gets the moisture out.

In addition to drying your hearing aids, the Global does even more. For example, the activated carbon in the Dri Briks collects any odors and neutralizes them. Also, the Global contains an ultraviolet light that comes one for a few minutes each time you use it. This kills any germs on your hearing aids and ear molds—which reduces itching and prevents your ear molds from reinfecting your ear canals the next morning when you put your hearing aids back on.

Incidentally, the Global is compact. It was designed to go with you on your travels (hence its name) as well as for home use.

Get a Global drier of your own here.