by Neil Bauman, Ph.D.

A lady asked:

I am looking for a (small portable) device that would provide feedback when I sing to let me know if my voice is actually matching the note on the piano or the note sung by another singer. I know that there are computer programs to teach voice and pitch matching but I am more interested in something portable that I can put on my piano and carry around with me when I sing in a choir or solo to piano accompaniment. Does such a thing exist, and if so, can you point me in the right direction?

Yes, such a gizmo does exist to help you sing on pitch. The good news is that it is both portable and relatively inexpensive. The device you want is the MetroTune (MT9000). It only costs $34.95.

One source for the MetroTune is Click on the “Search” button across the top, then put “sabine-mt9000″ in the search box and you’ll find it, or better yet, just click on this link. Check out its specifications and see whether it is just the gizmo you are looking for.