by Neil Bauman, Ph.D.

A lady explained:

I am a Social Service Director at a healthcare facility. I work with elderly people and continually run into the problem of resident’s losing their hearing aids. I was curious as to whether there are any devices or adaptations that are being sold to secure hearing aids to clothes or glasses.

You bet. Mostly, they are used to keep small children from taking out and losing their hearing aids, but they work well for adults too.

One such commercial product is Ear Gear.

Another commercial product is Safe-N-Sound.

There are also “Huggie Aids”, “Critter Clips” and “Kids Clips”.

This Listen Up website page has a bunch more useful ideas you might want to consider. Just scroll down to the section starting with the “green dot”.

Now you have a number of solutions to try. See which works the best for any given person.