by Neil Bauman, Ph.D.

A lady wrote:

I have bi-lateral Meniere’s and was recently approved as a candidate for a cochlear implant. Your article “Which is the Best Cochlear Implant?” published December 6, 2007 mentions one surgeon in Baltimore as being “one of the top rated CI surgeons anywhere”. Could you tell me how us non-medical people can find a list or ranking of CI Surgeons? What was your source that told you Dr. Niparko was top rated? A medical journal? A magazine article? I’d love to see the source so I could find a top rated CI surgeon near me.

As far as I know, there is no list ranking cochlear implant surgeons as such. What you need to do is “listen around” and see who’s name comes up the most often in relation to cochlear implant surgery; who is thought of most highly; who has a particularly good success ratio with few complications; who has done hundreds or thousands of CI surgeries; etc.

When you do this you’ll hear names like John Niparko and other good CI surgeons. Those are the ones you want to go to.

One way to “listen around” is to join on-line groups specializing in cochlear implants such as the SayWhatClub‘s CI list (click the button on “Joining”) and ask the people there which surgeon they had, and who they recommend in their area. You’ll learn a lot that way.