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Hearing Aid Accessories

Global II Dry & Store Hearing Aid Drier

Moisture and humidity are enemies of your hearing aids. When moisture builds up in your hearing aids, your hearing aids may become unreliable and may cut out altogether. Here is a real-life example. A man explained:

I’m interested in any recommendation you might have about hearing aid dryers. The local hearing aid office dries mine occasionally, but I must be running a wet ear season. Both of my digital Oticon aids cut out on a recent trip to Seattle, and then came back fine after drying. Now, the right aid drained the battery in one week rather than the usual two weeks. Then, today it drained a new battery in just three days.

The solution to such problems is to invest in a good hearing aid drier. In my opinion, the best device in the industry to look after your hearing aids is Dry & Store’s “Global II” model.

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Click here to order your Dry & Store Global II—just $103.47.

  • Complete Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Drying and Disinfecting System for just $103.47: Includes the Global II drier, A/C power adapter and Dri-Brik.
  • Dries Your Hearing Aids: The Global Dry & Store dries your hearing aids three different ways all at once.
    • First it has a fan that blows the warm air around, evaporating all the moisture off your hearing aid.
    • Second, the heating element warms the air to evaporate any condensed moisture.
    • Third, it has “Dri Briks” that collect the moisture so it doesn’t just get re-circulated back to your hearing aids. The Dri Briks also reduce the moisture in the air so, at the molecular level, more moisture is “sucked” off the internal parts in your hearing aid.
    This triple whammy really gets the moisture out.
  • Neutralizes Odors: The activated carbon in the Dri Briks collects any odors and neutralizes them.
  • Kills Germs: The Global II contains an ultraviolet light that comes on for 90 seconds each time you use it. In that short time, the lamp generates enough germicidal energy to kill 99% of the common bacteria found in the external ear canal. Thus, it kills any germs on your hearing aids and ear molds—which reduces itching and prevents your ear molds from re-infecting your ear canals the next morning when you put your hearing aids back on.
  • Experience Increased Battery Life: Batteries do not have to be removed from hearing aids before placing them in the Global II Dry & Store. Independent tests by the Eveready Battery Co. on their Energizer/Amplifier® batteries showed a 10-20% gain in battery life under high (85%) relative humidity conditions. Furthermore, there was no decrease in battery life under normal (50% relative humidity) conditions. This was confirmed by a user survey which showed that over 50% of users experienced longer battery life.
  • Travels with You: The Global is compact. It was designed to go with you on your travels (hence its name) as well as for use in your home. It weighs 1 lb. 3 oz., and measures 7.2” wide x 4.9” deep x 3.3” high.
  • Dri-Brik II Desiccant: Each Dri-Brik comes packaged in an attractive, molded, disposable container and has a shelf-life of at least one year, unopened. Once the foil label is removed, the Dry-Brik II lasts two (2) months. Replacement desiccants are inexpensive and come 3 to a pak. This 3-pak gives you a 6 month supply. Only $8.95. To order the 3-pak Dry-Brik II, click here.
  • Full 1 year limited warranty.

If you haven't already done so, click here to order your
Global II Dry & Store now! Only $103.47


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